Leybold – Sogevac SV65 B


Product No. : 906463V

The Oerlikon / Leybold SOGEVAC SV65 range of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps is setting new standards in the vacuum industry.

The SOGEVAC SV65B pumps allow space saving in your developments with minimum customer design constraints. It can also replace almost any pump in the field without requiring special adaptations.

Improved SV 65 BI FC lubrication circuits and mechanical tolerances provide a constant low noise level at all working pressures. This provides a new standard in work area comfort to those operating your system.

All lubrication circuits as well as the gas ballast system have been integrated into the pumps’ major components allowing limited sealings and a reduced number of parts. As a result, improved product reliability and durability is gained with prolonged maintenance intervals.

The new SOGEVAC B pumps carry on with the proven and user-friendly maintenance concept of the former generation. All maintenance points are located on the front of the pump. Enhancements include an unambiguous angle mounted oil-sight glass offering visibility from two sides and a unique system that allows an easier exhaust demister replacement. Oil capacity 2 liters.

Pumping speed
41.8 CFM, 0.4 Torr (0.5 Mbar)

1.8 kW – 200-240 volts / 3PH / 60 Hz