Leybold – Trivac S25B

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The Leybold Trivac S25B is a durable vacuum pump with a superior vapor handling capability. The Leybold S25B single stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump offers an excellent ultimate pressure of 2.5×10-2 mbar. These pumps are commonly used for vacuum furnace evacuation, backing turbomolecular pumps, backing diffusion pumps, rotary evaporation, refrigeration system evacuation, epoxy degassing, vacuum sterilization, backing mass spectrometers, freeze drying, vacuum centrifugal applications, vacuum distillation, space research, and other vacuum processes.

Pumping speed
18 CFM, 0.02 Torr (0.025 Mbar)

0.75 kW – 208-230 volts / 1PH / 60 Hz